How to Integrate Group Leads With Infusionsoft by Keap

Direct Group Leads + Keap/Infusion Integration Method:

I assume you’ve done two things:

The next step you need to take is to integrate Group Leads with Keap/Infusionsoft. Please, follow these steps:

1) Log into your Keap/Infusionsoft account. 

First, click on CONTACTS as labeled 1 in the diagram.

Then click on Add a contact.

2) Fill in the options as shown in the image below.

N.B: Make sure you fill in the Company too.

Then click, Save.

3) Now that you've added your contacts.

Head back to your Keap dashboard.

Then click on Contacts (as labeled 1 in the diagram below)

then Companies (as labeled 2 in the diagram below), 

then the name of the company you want to incorporate (in this case Group Leads).

4) Immediately you click on the company name, check the URL (or address bar) of the loaded page.

The number displayed at the end of the URL is the Company ID as shown below.

In this case, the company ID is 71.

5) Now you need to add a tag to your contacts.

Go to Contacts as labeled 1.

Then click on All Contacts. Then select all.

After that, click on Add or Remove tags as labeled 4.

6) First click on the down arrow labeled 1 to show you the drop-down list of tag types.

Then select as appropriate.

7) After that, click Apply Tag.

8) Now that you've got your Company ID.

It's time to plug the details from Keap/Infusionsoft into the Group Leads Chrome Extension.

Reach out for the Group Leads icon at the top right part of your address bar (labeled 1). 

Select your Group, and click on the gear icon as shown in the screenshot below.

9) Then click on Autoresponder as labeled 1.

Then select your autoresponder. Remember that yours is Keap/ Infusionsoft as shown in label 2.

Make sure that the Enable Autoresponder, labeled 3 is toggled to the right-hand side.

Then click on credentials to plug in your company ID.

10) Remember,  your COMPANY ID is 71.

Plug it into the space shown below and click on Connect App.

11) After that, the dialog box shown below will prompt.

Click on Allow and you're on track.

12) Once you do that, you will get the response shown below.

13) After this confirmation stage. 


You’ve properly configured Keap/Infusionsoft with your Group Leads account.

Each time you want to approve new members who want to join your group, you need to follow the instructions here so that your leads would always go into the spreadsheet you’ve set up and the emails would go into Keap/ Infusionsoft autoresponder.

How do I add a tag in Keap

You need to create a single tag within Keap 

and then you will see the tag option within Group Leads.

Put the tag name and click on Find.

Then Save.

Zapier + Group Leads + Keap/Infusion Integration Method:

Here is a short tutorial on how to integrate Group Leads with Infusionsoft via Zapier.

This tutorial is made by Ray Milidoni: 

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