How to Integrate Group Leads With Mailingboss

I assume you’ve done two things:

The next step you need to take is to integrate Group Leads with MailingBoss. Please, follow these steps:

1) Log into your Mailingboss account, as shown in the screenshot below, click on the “drag n drop email marketing automation “Mailingboss ” tab, then click on Enter button.

2) From the next page as shown in the screenshot below, click on next. 

3) Next, fill in the details as required in the “Create a new subscriber list”, and then click continue.

4) Now that you’ve created your list, click on next.

 5) Once you click next, check the URL of your list name and copy out the digits that precede the list_uid as shown in the screenshot below. That’s your List ID.

Ensure you note that on a note-taking app like Notepad (on Windows) and TextEdit (on Mac).

6) Then head over to the menu tab, and click.

7) Look down the details on the dashboard and then click on Integration.

8) After clicking on integration, it takes you to your integration key, note that this is the same as API Key. Then copy the token.

Ensure that you use the note-taking application that you posted the earlier credential.

9) Now that you’ve gotten the required details. Let’s go plug it into Group Leads and verify the integration.

Click on the Group Lead icon after your browser address bar. After which you should click on the gear icon in front of the Group name that you want to collect email addresses from.

10) Then choose the autoresponder you want to integrate, in this case, MailingBoss. Now click on credentials.

N.B:- Unlike me, ensure that your "Disable Autoresponder" is toggled to "OFF." 

11) Open the NotePad (on Windows) or TextEdit (on Mac) that you input the collected details. 

Then place them as appropriate in the Group Leads dialog box.

After that, click Verify and Update.

 After this step, you would get a green confirmation message at the top after clicking on verify and update.


You’ve properly configured MailingBoss with your Group Leads account.

Each time you want to approve new members who want to join your group, you need tofollow the instructions here so that your leads would always go into the spreadsheet you’ve set up and the emails would go into MailingBoss autoresponder.

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