How to Integrate Group Leads With Active Campaign

I assume you’ve done two things:

The last step you need to take is to integrate Group Leads with Active Campaign. Please, follow these steps:

1) Log into your Active Campaign and then click on Lists.

2) Next, click on add a list to create your new list. You can as well use an existing list if you have it already.

3) Fill in the details of your new list. After which, you click on " Add" button to add your new list.

4) Now you've created your new list. It will appear as labelled below. Now click on your list name.

5. Once you've done that, it will display the details of your new list. 

Let get out the LIST ID of your email list.

Head over to the URL of that page, and copy the URL. Then open a Notepad application (on Windows) or TextEdit (on Mac), and copy the link there. 

Take note of the part:


So whatever you see after listid on your own list URL is your List ID.

In this case, it is 5.

6. Before you leave that page, click on the gear button (labelled 2) to get to the settings page. Once you get to the settings page, click on the Developer menu as directed in the image below.

7) The image below will be displayed once you've done that. Again, open your NotePad or TextEdit, then copy the details of your API access. 

Copy the URL and the Key.

 8) Also, you may need to tag the collected email addresses to know the the source of the email list. To do that, head on to contact >>> Manage tags >>> Type the tag name >>> Add tags. 

The added tags will be displayed in the shown in the diagram below.

9) Now that you've gathered the details of your autoresponder and created your tag. Next is to copy them to Group Leads. So, head over to Group Leads by clicking the icon on the top right corner of your browser address bar. 

Select your Group, and click on the gear icon as shown in the screenshot below.

Note: Select the Autoresponder as it applies to you.

Then select Active Campaign and then click on credentials.

10) Now is the time to open your NotePad (on Windows) or TextEdit (on Mac), then copy and paste in your details (App URL, API Key and List ID) from there into your Group Leads credential section for Active Campaign. 

Note that your list id is the number having "ListId=5", carefully pick out the number that your listID equals to and insert it.

Then, click verify and update.   

Once you get the green confirmation on top of the credential page, then it means your integration is successful.

Each time you want to approve new members who want to join your group, you need to follow the instruction here so that your leads would always go into the spreadsheet you’ve set up and the emails would go into Active Campaign autoresponder.

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