How To Integrate Group Leads With Klaviyo

I assume you’ve done two things:

The next step you need to take is to integrate Group Leads with Klaviyo. Please, follow these steps:

1) Log into your Klaviyo and then click on Lists and Segments.

After which, you click on Create List/ Segment so as to create the list for your facebook members.

Doing that will take you to this page. So click on the List icon to get going.

Immediately you do that, it will request you fill in your list name. I typed in “Facebook Group Members.” Then click on Create List.

Then, look to the left pane of the dashboard, and click on Lists & Segments so as to find you newly created List. When you identify to list, to the right, you will find three vertical dots, click on that to access the settings of your list.

Click on your list settings.

When you do, you will find your list ID. Simply open a NotePad application (on Windows) or Text Edit (on Mac), then copy and paste your List ID into it.

Now let’s go check for your API Key.

Head over to your avatar, then click on any part of it. After that, click on the Account tab.

Once that is done. Click on settings, and immediately the drop down will display. Go ahead and click on API Keys.

Click create API Key.

Your API Key is now created. Again, open your NotePad application (on windows) or Text Edit (on Mac), then copy your API Key into it. 

Your API Key is now created. Again, open your NotePad application (on windows) or Text Edit (on Mac), then copy your API Key into it. 

Now you need to copy these details into Group Leads. 

 Click on the Group Leads icon close to your browser address bar.

Once that is opened, click on the gear button beside the Facebook group name that you’ll like to collect the members email addresses.

NB:- Select the Autoresponder as it applies to you.

After which, you will select your autoresponder type. For this guide, the autoresponder is Klaviyo. Select that, then click on credentials.

Then, enter your credentials.

To avoid toggling between two or more browser tabs, your NotePad or Text Edit will be handy now. Open it by the side of your Group Leads Dialog box, copy and paste in the API Key and List ID details. 

Then click on Verify and Update and then click on the Back button to go back to the main group settings page.

Each time you want to approve new members who want to join your group, you need to follow the instruction here so that your leads would always go into the spreadsheet you’ve set up and the emails would go into Klaviyo autoresponder.

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