How Do I Use Group Leads For Unlimited Facebook Groups

Do you know you can use Group Leads for unlimited Facebook groups?

This depends on your subscription plan. We've got the monthly and yearly pricing.

Monthly pricing:

Yearly Pricing:

  • The STARTER (monthly & yearly) plan can accommodate up to 2 Facebook groups.
  • The PRO (monthly & yearly) plan can accommodate up to 4 Facebook groups.
  • The UNLIMITED (monthly & yearly) can accommodate unlimited Facebook groups.

Benefits of upgrading to the unlimited plan

  • You can start selling Facebook group lead generation services for other group owners who don’t know about Group Leads and make money depending on your arrangement with them.
  • If you personally have more than two groups, you won’t need to order an additional Group Leads license.

To add another group profile to your Group Leads account, what you just need to do is to open up the new Facebook group, click on Group Leads icon and then click on ADD GROUP button that would show up if you click on the group leads icon.

This is better explained in our installation & setup guide.

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