How To Automatically Tag New Members In Facebook Group Welcome Post

To automatically tag new members in the Facebook Group Welcome Post.

1) Log in to the Facebook group that you want to configure.

Then launch the Group Leads chrome extension as labeled 1 in the screenshot below.

After that, click on the gear icon in front of the Facebook group you want to configure.

2) On the next screen, click on autoresponder as labeled in 1 in the screenshot below.

Then toggle the switch icon in front of, "Tag New Members in Welcome Post" to the right. When you do this, the grey color will change to blue.

Then click on the text "Tag New Members In Welcome Post" text as labeled 3 in the screenshot below.

3) Now it's time to configure the welcome post url.

To get out the welcome post, make sure there is at least one comment on the welcome post. Then you will see the three dots like this:

Clicking on the Copy Post URL will copy the welcome post URL to your clipboard.

Then save the new URL into the settings for the welcome post (red rectangle.)

4) Then if you want to tag all your new members in a single comment, toggle the switch icon in front of it to the right.

And if you want to randomize the comments, you can toggle the switch to the right too.

Then click on the (+), labeled 2 in the screenshot below, to add as many messages as possible for the system to randomly pick.

Then click on Save; labeled 3.

5) After everything, click on the update tab to update your new settings.

N.B:- This works only when you manually click the red button and approve the members into your Facebook group

It does not work with automatic approval.

Also, make sure you are using your personal profile to interact and approve members into your group.

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