Why Group Leads may not be working on your browser

Please, know that if you’re not seeing the red Custom Approve All button on your group request page it means there is an issue with your setup.

For example:

  • If your Facebook is not in English Language 
  • You turned off Google sync or 
  • You are not logged into the extension.

Please, check your extension against these Group Leads troubleshooting steps and you will be fine. 

There are two scenarios:

  1. When you are not able to approve new members at all
  2. When you don't see the red button 
  3. When you are seeing the red button but the data is not getting to your Google sheet and or that of your CRM

Please, check respective section from below:

1. When you are not able to approve new members at all

a) Clear your browser cache/cookies and then refresh your group request page

When you are not able to approve new member at all, please clear your browser cache and then refresh your group request page.

Then just approve one person and check the google sheet. If it doesn't work, please proceed to step b) below. 

b) Restart your computer

Restart your company, open the group request page and approve just one person. 

100% of the time when this happens, restarting the computer fixes the issue.

2. When you don't see the red button

a) You’re not logged into group leads

Group Leads comes in form of a Firefox & Google chrome extensions, so you need to install it only on Chrome/Firefox and also login into it via the license we sent to you when you signed up.

Before logging in:

If you check the image above, am not logged into the extension, at that point the red Custom Approve All button will not be showing up in my new members' request page because am logged out.

After logging in:

The red button would show up after logging in.

b) Change your Facebook language to English

If you don't see the red custom approve all button and your Facebook language is other than English, it can be the culprit.

To solve the issue, just  change your language to English and refresh the new members' request page and you would find it there.

c) Delete the group and then add it again

If you've added a group before now and you edited the group name it might cause the red button not to show up. If you delete the group profile from within the extension and then add it again, then this can resolve the issue.

d) Make sure you’re using Chrome/Firefox browser and you have this green circle on your google profile sync (ONLY if you are on chrome)

Google sync controls all google services for your account. We are making use of Google spreadsheet API, disabling it would mean that you are disabling the google spreadsheet connection for your groups within Group Leads.

Please, turn it on if it’s currently  OFF and you will see the red button.

3. When you are seeing the red button but the data is not getting to your Google sheet and or that of your CRM

a) Turn on your Google sync

Please, turn on your google sync if it's OFF. 

b) You don't have permission to write on the Sheet

If data is not getting to sheet, it may be because you are logged in to another email other than the one you used to set up the google sheet.

You can change your google sheet permission to anyone with the link can view. Please, follow these steps:

  • Open the google sheet that's attached to your group within Group Leads extension
  • Click on the green Share button at the top right corner of the Sheet.
  • Change the google sheet option to anyone with the link can editor at 3 on the image.
  • Copy the new link into your group profile within Group Leads extension.

c) Group Leads Permission

When you verify your Google sheet link, you should get a popup requesting that you give permission to Group Leads. If you skip this, the extension would be adding data to your email marketing software but it would not be adding data to your Google sheet.

How do you know if you give permission when you started using the extension?

Just click here and you would get to a page like the image above. Make sure you see Group Leads Icon and text among the list of app on the page.


If you don't see, that might be the reason Group Leads is not adding data to your Google sheet.

What's the solution:

  1. Delete the group profile within your Group Leads account. 
  2. Make a copy of new Google sheet from the provided official spread. 
  3. Paste in the spreadhseet url into it's column and click verify again
  4. A popup would come up, just click on the email and then recheck the permission page.

If Group Leads is now among your list of apps, then the issue is resolved.

d) You changed Sheet1 below your  Google sheet to another name

You can change 1 to anything you like but you cannot change 2 - which is Sheet1 to other text.

If you change, Sheet1 to any other thing, the data would stop getting added to the Google sheet.


If you tried all the above and Group Leads is still not working, please mail us via support (at) groupleads.net or use the live chat on the right hand side of the page to start a chat with us.

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