How to Integrate Group Leads with Fluent CRM

I assume you’ve done two things:

The last step you need to take is to integrate Group Leads with Fluent CRM. Please, follow these steps:

You will need these:

1. Domain

2. Credentials

3. List ID (Optional)

1. To get the domain you have to copy your WordPress site domain in which you integrated the FluentCRM plugin.

E.g: If your WordPress site url is then your domain will be

2: Now go to the WordPress admin panel and navigate to FluentCRM > Settings > Managers and then create a Manager first. Please make sure the manager is not "Administrator" user role. Select the permissions you want to give to that user for FluentCRM.

    • Once your manager is created now you have to create an API key. Go to FluentCRM > Settings > Rest API and Create the new key corresponding to the manager.

Click on Add new key button to create a new key now you have to enter a name for your key and select the manager from the manager’s dropdown.

    • Once your API key is created then you will get the API username and password.
      Copy it in the notepad as well.

    • Your credentials will be your API username and API password separated with a forward slash (/).
      Eg: your username is abc and your password is xyz then the credentials will be abc/xyz.

    • 3.You can get your list id by navigating FluentCRM > dashboard > Contacts > Lists.

      • Once you click on the lists menu then all the lists will be displayed to you and you have to copy the id of the list which you want to use.
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