How to turn off Group Leads Automatic Approval Feature

If the extension is opening up your Group at a certain time e.g every 5 minutes, then it means you've enabled automatic approval for that group and the timing is set to run every 5 minutes.

If new members don't join your group every minute, I won't advise you to set automatic approval to run every 5 minutes. You can set it to run every 5 hours or 12 hours.

Please, follow the steps below to turn off the popups from coming up.

Step #1: 

Please, click on the middle icon for automatic approval settings next to the group name.

Step #2: 

You will get to the settings page for automatic approval, all you just need to do is toggle Enable Automatic Approval to the left and then scroll down the settings page to UPDATE the changes in the settings. 

Once this is successful the pop-up would not come up again. 

You just need to approve new members by clicking on the red buttons.

I hope this helps.

Thank you.

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