How to Integrate Group Leads with Beehiv

To integrate Beehiiv CRM, we need the API key and Publication ID of your Beehiiv account.

To get these, please click on settings from the left sidebar menus

Once you click on settings, click on the Integrations menu.

Now, on the integrations page, you can see the Publication ID of your account. You'll need to copy only the API V2 publication ID, as shown in the screenshot below.

You can open a notepad and paste this publication ID for future use.

Now, to get the API key, simply scroll to the bottom of the page. You will get an option to create the API keys. Click on the New API key button to create your API key.

Once your API key is created, copy it into the notepad where you previously copied your publication ID.

Once you get the publication ID and the API key, go to the GroupLeads extension, select Beehiiv CRM, and click update after entering your publication ID and API key.

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