How to integrate Group Leads with



Segment ID.

1) Log into your account and then click the Settings menu and click on the account settings.

Then, click on the API credentials as shown below.

2) Copy the SITE ID and API key.

3) Open up Notepad (on windows) or TextEdit (on Mac) and Past Both SITE ID and API KEY as shown below.

4) Now,  go tto the Segment option and click on it.

5) Now click on Create Segment Button.

6) Fill Name, Description and Tags. And click on create Manual segment.

Now copy segment id from the URL as shown below.

Now paste it  into your Notepad (on windows) or TextEdit (on Mac) 

7) Now that you' ve gathered the details of your autoresponder. Next is to copy them into Group Leads. So, head over to Group Leads by clicking the icon on the top right corner of your browser address bar.    

Then select Customer io and then click on credentials.

8) Now it is time to open your NotePad or TextEdit. Then, copy and paste in your details(API Key, Site ID and Segment ID(optional)) from there into your Group Leads credential section for Customer io.

Then, click verify and update.

Once you have the credentials verified and updated on credential page, it means your integration is successful.

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