Group Leads Google Sheet Permission Guide.

How to resolve warning issues.

1. Open group leads popup ->  Click on your group settings.

2. Click on the Verify button.

3. You will get a successful sheet verified message if the sheet is verified. Then click on the Update button to save the settings.

Now, You can reload the Facebook group tab. The Warning message will not show anymore.

4. If you get the error message and the sheet is not verified. Then click on view google sheet data.

Open google sheet -> Click on view only -> Click on request edit access.

Write the message and click on the send button.

The sheet owner has received your request mail to give the editor permission. 

6. Select the Editor option and click on share.

7. Now click the share option on the sheet and check the editor permission of the sheet in front of your email id.

Now, follow the first and second steps again.

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