How do I create Group Leads admin bio

Creating an admin bio is not a herculean task. 

Follow the steps below and you can create one in no time. 

1. Log in to your Group Leads Web App

2. On the dashboard, located on the left side bar, click on “Admin bio”

3. You should see a form for you to fill, Start by inputting your first and last name, followed by the country you are located in.

4. Add a short description. Briefly talk about your role and contributions to the group. Then, click on publish bio. 

5. Choose a unique username. Remember, it must be something that people can easily identify you with.

6. Include some note-worthy achievements. For more details on how to go about this. Click here


7. Connect your Facebook groups. You can select multiple Facebook groups. Click on the button “Select Groups’ to see a list of all your groups. Choose the ones, you want visible on your bio.

8. Add links to your social media pages

9. Enable message button by clicking on the toggle switch. This allows brands to reach you directly.

10. Lastly, at the top section of the dashboard, you can upload your desired image for your profile picture.

11.  You can now copy your bio link and share it with brands, you are good to go.

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