How do I create Group Leads Group Profile

You can easily create a Group Profile in a matter of minutes. 

Simply follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Group Leads Web App

Here is how to achieve that.

2. On the dashboard, located on the left side bar, click on “Group Profiles”

3. Select the group you want and click on the button “Create Profile”

4. Fill in a brief description of your group. Share what your group is about, your goals, and objectives. You can include details like when you started the group and notable achievements.

5. Select a group category and pick where your group is located.

6. Input a unique username. This could be the name of your group or something closely related. Then, click on the button “Next”

7. On the next page, add topics your group talks about. Once you add a topic, input in a comma before adding the next one to separate it. You can add up to five. When you’re done, click on “Next”.

8. Upload screenshots of engaging conversations happening in your group. The screenshot should capture the heart of the group. Then, click on next.

9. Now, you can either preview or publish your group. You can also choose to publish later.

10. Once published, you can copy your Group Profile link and also share directly to Facebook and other social media platforms.

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