How to Integrate Group Leads With Zoho

To integrate Zoho CRM into Group leads, you require one thing.

 # Exact Tag Name

1) Log into your Zoho account and then click the Contacts menu and then click on any one contact.

2) Click on Add tags label

3) Write the tag name and then click on Save.

4) You can check your created tag in Tag List and Now copy your tag name and paste it into a note-taking app like NotePad (Windows) or Text Edit (Mac).

5) Next is to copy them into Group Leads. So, head over to Group Leads by clicking the icon on the top right corner of your browser address bar.

Then, select Zoho and click on credentials.

6) Copy and paste the Tag Name from your Note-taking app to the Group Leads Chrome Extension, then click on the "Connect App" button.

7) You'll be required to login into your Zoho account for authentication. The below screenshot will open up, click the Next button.

After Signing in, The below screenshot will open up. You'll get an access screen. Click the Accept Button.

If your Tag Name is correct, then you have this success page. It means your integration is successful.

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