How to Integrate Group Leads with Gold Star

How to Integrate Group Leads with Gold Star

Before connecting Group Leads with Gold Star please ensure you’ve completed the following steps:

  1. Installed the Group Leads Chrome Extension.
  2. Set up the 3 questions users should answer while joining your Facebook group.

Once these steps have been completed, please follow the steps below.

  1. Login to Gold Star at
  2. In the Menu on the left click on Settings.

3. In the Settings Menu across the top of the screen click on Tags

4. Click on Create New Tag

5. Add the tag “Facebook Group” and click “Add”

6. Copy the tag you created and paste it into Notepad (or similar) to use again shortly

7. In the menu across the top, click on Company

8. Scroll down until you see API Key.

9. Copy this key and paste it into Notepad with the tag you created earlier.

Now that you’ve collected these details, it’s time to set up Group Leads.

1. Start by opening the Facebook Group that you want to connect with Group Leads. This must be open in Chrome to make the connection.

2. Within Chrome, click on the Group Leads Icon in the top right corner of the browser. If you cannot see it, click on the small jigsaw puzzle, scroll down to find Group Leads, and click on the pin icon. Then click on the Group Leads icon.

3. Enter your Group Leads License Key and press Log In. You can find this license key in the email you received at the time of joining.

4. Set up your Google Sheet by clicking on “GOOGLE SHEET & FORMAT

5. When Google Sheets opens, click on FILE and then MAKE A COPY.

6. Rename the spreadsheet if desired and then click OK

7. Copy the URL of the Google Sheet

8. Open Group Leads again (if necessary) and enter the URL as shown. Then click on Verify.

9. Authorize Group Leads to access your Google Account by clicking on ALLOW

10. And when you see the word VERIFIED, click on UPDATE

11. Now that you’ve connected your Google Sheet, it is time to connect your Group Leads account to Gold Star. Click on AUTORESPONDER, followed by the button next to Enable Autoresponder. Scroll down to find GOLD STAR and then click Credentials

12. Copy your API Key and Tag Name from Notepad into Group Leads and click on UPDATE

13. Once this has been completed, you should see “Credential verified and updated”. Click CONTINUE

Once this has been completed you can continue setting up Group Leads as per the instructions here -

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