How To Setup Group Leads Reseller Account

Please, follow these steps to set up your Group Leads Reseller Account and start signing up customers under yourself.

Step 1: (Skip this step if you've bought a reseller package)

Step 2: (To set up the reseller plan page)

  • Login on
  • Setup Payment Mode
    • Add Payment Mode (paddle for now. you should have paddle vendor account)
    • On adding payment mode, you will get a webhook URL. You need to add that webhook URL to the Paddle account.
  1. Subscription Created
  2. Subscription Updated
  3. Subscription Cancelled
  4. Subscription Payment Success
  5. Subscription Payment Failed 
  • Then, create plans on Paddle (you should create monthly or yearly plans on our platform which allows you to add only monthly/yearly plans)
  • Add plan in your reseller dashboard.
  • Now, You will see your public plans page on top of your reseller dashboard.
  • Whenever you want to get subscribers to your reseller portal, you just need to share or link to your public plans page.

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