How to verify Google sheet on Group Leads

I assume that you've installed the Group Leads extension. 

1) Then click on the Group Leads icon at the right part of your URL. After then, identify the Facebook Group that you want to configure, then click the gear icon as labelled in the screenshot below. 

2) Now follow the step one as identified in the screenshot below. Click on the "Google Sheet and Format" and it will open in another tab.

3) Immediately you do that, you will be prompted to give permission to Group Leads with your email address, so as displayed in the screenshot below will come up. 

Click on Okay. 

4) Once the Google sheet opens, click on file. Then make a copy as shown in the screenshot below.

5) On seeing the screenshot below, click okay

6) After clicking Okay. Copy the link in the URL.

7) Then paste it into the box provided in Step 2 as shown in the screenshot below. After that, click on verify. Once that is done, the word "verify" will change to "verified."

Note that I verified my Google Sheets for Group Leads as shown in the screenshot below.

Congratulations, you've successfully verified the Google sheets for Group Leads.

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