How To Automatically Send Messages To New Facebook Group Members

How Do I Send Automatic 'Welcome' Message(s) When New Members Join My Facebook Group?

1) First, log on to Facebook, and go into your Facebook group.

Then launch the Group Leads chrome extension as labeled 1 in the image below.

Now click on the gear icon (labeled 2) in front of the Facebook Group you want to configure the automatic welcome message for.

2) After that, click on the Autoresponder tab as labeled 1 in the image below. Then toggle the switch icon (labeled 2 to the right), when you do so, the grey color becomes blue.

Then click on the "Enable Welcome Messaging" text; labeled 3 in the image below. 

3) After clicking on the text. You'll get a screen as shown below to set how you want to send the welcome message to your new members. 

You can set the timer: intervals of sending the message, when to stop and when to start again.

4) In the case where you don't want to send the same welcome message to every new member. You can pre-set several messages and randomize them for the new members.

To achieve this, toggle the switch in front of the "Randomize Messages" to the right. When you do this, the grey color becomes blue.

Then click on the (+) sign, labeled 2, to add up to five message variation as you desire.

After that, click on update, labeled 3, to save your settings.

5) After that, click on the other update, as shown below, then you're good to go. 

N.B:- Please set the extension to send a message every [ 1 ] minute.

This works only when you manually click the red button and approve the members into your Facebook group

It does not work with automatic approval.

It should be also be noted that the welcome message can only be sent from your personal Facebook profile. It cannot be sent from your Facebook page.

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